NEW from Refer-O-Matic: Episode Sharing, Made Simple

Our team held a friendly competition over the holidays: who among us could be the most prolific podcast referrer?

In the throws of our competition, we found ourselves wanting to recommend episodes to our friends, not just podcasts. We saw listeners recommending episodes, too.

We thought that it should be easier to share individual podcast episodes, so we made it easier. Today, your listeners can share their favorite episodes of your show, using Refer-O-Matic.

To see how the experience looks for a newly referred listener, check out this recent episode of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, in honor of our new Vice President.

Here’s a draft announcement you can use on your next episode to encourage your listeners to share it:

If you enjoy this episode, share it with a friend. Go to[your-podcast's-slug] and you'll get a link that makes it simple to share. Sharing the show is one of the best ways you can help us out, and as a thank you for helping get the word out, we'll also enroll you in our referral program. [Insert details of your referral program].

We're excited to introduce episode sharing, because we want to use it ourselves! We think this change will make it likely that more of your listeners share your show, more often - particularly  when they hear an episode they think will resonate with certain people in their lives.  

Tell us what you think. We're constantly experimenting with new ways to help you grow your show,  and we want to hear your suggestions on how to do it.  

PS: A huge shoutout to our team, who hustled quickly to re-wire our entire data model and user experience to make this happen - I'm proud to be working with them. And, a special congrats to our intern Crystal for winning our Refer-O-Matic challenge over the holidays. She is a prolific podcast sharer!