Data Processing Agreement

Refer-O-Matic enables podcasters (“Creators”) to create referral programs and engage directly with listeners (“Ambassadors”) to offer referral program benefits.

As part of this service, Refer-O-Matic shares personal data of Ambassadors(“Ambassador Data”) with Creators, who then process Ambassador Data to provide products and services as part of the Creators’ referral programs (“Referral Program Services”). Refer-O-Matic requires all Creators to agree to this Data Processing Agreement and to respect the privacy rights of Ambassadors when processing Ambassador Data. Podcasters automatically agree to this Data Processing Agreement upon submitting payment information to start a Refer-O-Matic program.

This Data Processing Agreement takes effect when a Creator establishes a Refer-O-Matic account and applies exclusively to Ambassador Data collected by Refer-O-Matic and shared with Creators for the purpose of Creators providing Referral Program Services to Ambassadors. It is an extension of Refer-O-Matic’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and applies during and after Creators’ relationship with Refer-O-Matic.

I. Definitions.

II. Scope.

The parties agree that Refer-O-Matic and the Creator are each an independent data controller in relation to Ambassador Data that a Creator processes in the course of providing Referral Program Services. The subject matter of the data processing, the types of personal data processed, and the categories of data subjects will be defined by, and/or limited to, those necessary to carry out and/or provide the Creator’s Referral Program Services. The Creator must notify Ambassadors, and if required by Data Protection Law obtain Ambassadors’ consent, prior to the Creator processing Ambassador Data for any purpose other than as expressly set forth in this Data Processing Agreement. The processing to which this Data Processing Agreement applies will be carried out by the Creator upon leaving the Refer-O-Matic platform. The subject matter, duration, nature, and purpose of the processing of the personal data as well as the type of personal data and categories of data subjects covered by this Data Processing Agreement are as follows:

III. Data Protection.

The Creator shall adhere to the following requirements:

Last updated on May 18th, 2021.